Welcome to Rejoice, Support and Smile Foundation

We seek to bring a smile to vulnerable children

By offering food, shelter and education, we strive to uplift needy children in Kenya.

About us

We are Rejoice, Smile and Support Foundation, a charity foundation in Kenya, operating since 2015.

Our mission is to uplift needy children in Kenya.

Through donations of well-wishers, we help children get basic needs, and education, giving them a chance to access a dignified life.

Currently, we have helped rehabilitate homeless children in the informal settlements in Kenya.

We wish to build more children homes, help communities with basic needs as a way of empowering them to adapt to climate change.

Our Programs

Helping Needy Children in Kenya

With the help of well wishers, we  rehabilitate homeless children in Nairobi and provide basic needs and talent development. We offer safe shelter,  food, clean water, clothing and education to needy children in Kenya.

Children Talent Development

We emphasize talent development for needy children in Kenya. Through activities such as sports, music, arts competition and more, we nurture children’s talents and prepare them for opportunities in future.

Marginalized Women support

We recognized the need for women empowerment, especially widows and marginalized communities. We have implemented programs for rehabilitation, counselling and provision of basic needs to the needy women.

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Sustainable economic empowerment

Kenyan communities face serious effects of climate change which necessitated empowerment programs. The programs focus on helping families in vulnerable communities establish sustainable economic activities.

Community Water and Sanitation

We  implement programs meant to provide basic needs to vulnerable local Communities in Kenya. Our programs include amenities for clean water and community sanitation 

Climate Change Resilience

With the help of well wishers we help vulnerable communities to adapt to climate change, which affects their livelihoods. The programs include tree planting, community education and water harvesting.

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Our Impact

Currently, we’ve successfully rehabilitated homeless children, offering them shelter, basic needs and most importantly, hope and opportunity for a better future. We aspire to do more by building children’s homes, and to continue changing the lives of countless vulnerable children in Kenya.

Basic Needs for Needy Children

With the help of well wishers, we offer nutritious food, clean water, safe shelter, and adequate clothing to needy children in Kenya.


Education for Vulnerable Kids

We believe in the transformative power of education and provide access to quality schooling, educational materials, and vocational training opportunities, empowering children with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive

Counselling for Needy children

Many vulnerable children face emotional trauma and challenges. We provide comprehensive psychosocial support services, including counseling, mentorship, and recreational activities, to help them heal and build resilience

Request for Donations

We humbly appeal to your generosity and compassion to support our projects. By donating to our foundation, you can make a tangible difference in the lives of vulnerable children and communities. Your contribution will ensure that struggling communities have access to food, shelter, healthcare, and other fundamental necessities

Recent Testimonies

Wish to know how our efforts have changed lives? Hear from these testimonies.

"As a young girl growing up in Nairobi, I faced numerous hardships and struggles. But through the foundation's psychosocial support services, I found the strength and resilience to overcome my past traumas. Their counselors and mentors provided me with a safe space to express myself, heal from my wounds, and rebuild my confidence"
Miracle Achieng'
6 years
"I have never met my parents. I grew up in Kibera slums slum in Nairobi. As a child I faced countless challenges and obstacles. But through the Rejoice, I was given the opportunity to pursue my dreams. They provided me with scholarships, tutoring, and mentorship, allowing me to excel academically and build a better future for myself."
"Before joining Rejoice, Support, and Smile Foundation's program, my life was filled with uncertainty and fear. As a homeless child living on the streets of Nairobi, I struggled to find food, shelter, and a sense of belonging. But thanks to the foundation's support, I found a safe haven in their children's home. The only home i know and I wish more children like me could find somewhere to call home."
Child, 11 years